Integrating staff and sites

Success Story

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Humbel functions just like a complex machine, with the sites in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Romania meshing together and jointly driving the Humbel Group forwards. A shining example of our successful teamwork can be seen in a project to optimise production technology. Staff at all sites were involved in the evaluation process and Group-wide implementation of a new grinding system, which turned out to be a resounding success for all concerned.

Optimising processes together

Humbel continuously tests and optimises its development and production processes. In order to standardise and increase the efficiency of our grinding systems, new grinding discs were tested at all of our sites. Underpinned by a cooperation agreement, a new model made by 3M complete with geometrically defined grains was tested, optimised and aligned with Humbel’s processes in close partnership with 3M itself and with project teams from HPT Humbel in Romania and Novogear in the Czech Republic.

Staff as co-developers

Over a period of several months, staff from 3M tested and adjusted the complex systems comprising machinery, grinding discs and dressing rolls. Machine operator Valentin Maerescu on the Romanian project team had this to say: “I was involved on the front line during the test phase and was able to contribute my own experiences and opinions. It was truly fascinating and taught me a lot. The training was very valuable too.” The verdict of Humbel Group CTO Patrick Wirz is just as positive: “Sharing ideas across sites was key: we were able to give 3M consolidated, in-depth feedback and offer crucial input as regards feasibility and optimisation. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

“In-depth cooperation with our subsidiaries throughout all our innovation processes plays a integral part in retaining our company’s long-term competitive edge.”
Patrick Wirz, CTO, Head of Development and Technology

In the interests of every site

Our partnership with 3M is one of many examples that demonstrate how Humbel is cultivating teamwork across its divisions and sites, and the sharing of extensive expertise within the Group. This is not just in the interests of each individual site or our staff’s personal development but also benefits customers and is a vital part of retaining our competitive edge on the market in future – all key components that contribute significantly to the Humbel Group’s success.