High-speed engineering

Success Story

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Alongside production, the Humbel Group is stepping up its investment in its Engineering department with development teams that work closely with customers, offering support with design and prototyping during the development process. Once such example is our partnership with New Zealand gear manufacturer HGT Precision, for which we develop high-precision gears that are individually tailored to the needs of the driver.

Fine-tuning transmission ratios

HGT produces rally, circuit and drift car gearboxes and transmissions for private and semi-professional motorsport. Its modular gearboxes – sequentially switched 4-, 5- and 6-speed drives – allow the transmission ratios to be adjusted by replacing gears. As a result, high-performance gearboxes with torques of up to 950 Nm can be fine-tuned to certain engine types and makes, circuit profiles or individual driving styles. HGT relies on Humbel’s engineering expertise throughout development and ongoing gear optimisation.

Speed, flexibility and precision as the keys to success

We have partnered with HGT Precision since 2015: based on an HGT specification, a design team specialised in motorsport developed the first transmission prototypes, improving them in iterative processes and preparing them for series production. Humbel now develops and produces the complete transmission units. Specific expertise and a fast-paced production environment coupled with precision and flexibility have allowed us to continuously expand our cooperation.

“We are trying to get the maximum out of the Humbel Group’s potential in terms of functionality and cost-effective production. Involving the Engineering department as early on in the development process as possible is extremely important here: only then will we achieve the perfect balance between price and quality and thus be able to offer our customers a competitive advantage.”
Urs Humbel, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Further developing the Engineering department

Our successful partnership with HGT is a prime example of how we are currently expanding the Engineering department at Humbel. A team of seven in Kradolf is currently focusing on development projects in a whole host of different segments – including injection moulding, ship freight unloading and lift technology. Novogear in the Czech Republic reinforces Humbel’s development power, and the two companies are driving projects forwards by means of shared IT platforms. Internal training sessions to improve production processes are being held at all our sites. Both the internal and external Engineering departments are benefiting from close cooperation with RWTH Aachen University, allowing them to keep up to date with the latest expertise and preparing the way for them to switch up a gear or two – or more – in future.