Industrial applications

Flexibility and quality for industry

Everything we do is driven by what manufacturers need. With cost-efficient solutions and the flexibility to adapt to supply chains, we offer the kind of development and production competence our industrial partners really value.


Plastics industry

We offer cost-efficient and high-precision components as well as optimised solutions for injection moulding machines.

Humbel Gears Kunststoff Industrie
Humbel Novogear

Textiles industry

Great-value gear components for:

  • Weaving machines
  • Knitting machines
  • Winding drives
Humbel Gears Textil Industrie
Humbel Novogear

Printing/graphics industry

Gearwheels with highly accurate parts and involutes ensure the desired level of precision for:

  • Printers
  • Packaging machinery
  • Printers used for books
  • Conveyor belts
Humbel Gears Druck Grafische Industrie

Construction industry and mining

Reliable and robust gear parts and connecting elements for the very high demands associated with:

  • Excavators and mining machinery
  • Agitators and mixers
  • Conveyors
Humbel Gears Bauainsdustrie Und Mining
Humbel Novogear

General machinery

Durable and precise parts for production and tooling machinery:

  • Gearboxes
  • Gear components
  • Drive elements
  • Sensor wheels
Humbel Gears Allgemeiner Maschinenbau
Humbel Novogear

Automation and robot systems

We optimise industrial production processes with reliable components for:

  • Robots
  • Transfer lines
Humbel Gears Automations Und Robotersysteme
Humbel Novogear

Food industry

Machining of special rust-free materials, compliant with food regulations, for:

  • Grain mills
  • Manufacture of preserved foods
  • Filling systems
  • Transport belts
  • Extruders
Humbel Gears Lebensmittel Industrie

Wind energy

With sustainability in mind, we guarantee a long service life and the lowest possible maintenance requirements for:

  • Wind turbines
  • Turbines
  • Generators
  • Eco-gears
Humbel Gears Windenergie