Automotive / E-mobility

We get mobility moving

We accept no compromise in our work for the automotive industry and offer our customers worldwide a range of first-class production solutions. Mobility calls for agility, so we provide a flexible, fast, and reliable service.



E-mobility is gaining ground all the time, thanks in part to Humbel's high-precision gear technology and its agile, proactive prototyping for individual special components such as (internal) ring gears. These are used for things like e-axles and e-gears.

Humbel Gears E Mobility
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Success Story - E-Mobility

Driving innovation in e-mobility

One high-powered sector at the moment is e-mobility, where fast-paced prototyping and constant innovation are a part of everyday life – including for suppliers like Humbel.

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Commercial vehicles

Value for money and reliability are the key attributes of the components we produce for:

  • Forklift trucks and similar equipment
  • Gear parts for vans and trucks
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
Humbel Gears Nutzfahrzeuge

Vintage vehicles

For vintage vehicles, we produce the engine and gear components that customers require – with support from engineering specialists as required.

Humbel Gears Oldtimer