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The central cog in the Humbel Group is the Kradolf site in the Swiss canton of Thurgau. This is our head office and where we create the impetus for constant innovation.

Humbel Zahnräder AG

Humbel Zahnräder AG
Oberfeldstrasse 9
9214 Kradolf

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Training and development

Our drive can help your career

Humbel is always looking for young people who are keen to learn on the job. 'Doers' who want to pick up as much as they can during an apprenticeship and build excellent foundations for a future career. We develop our employees to help them achieve things they can be really proud of.

'After my 4-year apprenticeship at Humbel, I got straight into CNC pro-gramming. I am currently making highly demanding parts for Formula E vehicles – and my career is really racing ahead.'
Dashmir Kamberi completed his apprenticeship as a polymechanic with Humbel in August 2017.


Are you a handy sort of person who might be interested in an apprenticeship as a polymechanic or production mechanic? At our Kradolf site, we will train you to become a polymechanic (4-year apprenticeship) or a production mechanic (3-year apprenticeship) under the Swiss Federal VET Diploma scheme. Under the supervision of an official trainer, you will quickly become involved in actual production work. This ensures that your training is practical and your job offers plenty of variety.

Open afternoon

Are you interested in an apprenticeship in industry but not really sure what trades are available to learn? Then come and see us at one of our regular open afternoons. After a tour of the company, you will have a chance to ask our apprentices any questions you might have and get to know the ropes.

Taster apprenticeships

Having attended an open afternoon, you can get some practical experience of your preferred career during a taster apprenticeship (lasting several days). This also gives you an insight into the training on offer and what day-to-day work it actually involves.


With personal assistance, funding opportunities, and flexible working hours, we support our employees with their training and development and also postgraduate studies. We offer development opportunities internally – relating to production technology – and maintain close contacts with leading institutions and universities. The idea is to facilitate an ongoing transfer of knowledge that can only benefit our employees and customers.

Your contact for apprenticeships:

Dashmir Kamberi

Leiter Nachwuchs Humbel
+41 71 644 73 51